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Lights, Camera, Action for Cambria Downtown Hotel, Bar Verona, Detroit Taco Company, and Tuscan Kiss!

August 12-14th Cambria Detroit, Cambria Shelby Hotel and Bar Verona, Verona Inspired Italian, Detroit Taco Company and Tuscan Kiss amazed people for three days. Hour Detroit’s 2022 Food & Wine Show Presented by Visit Detroit brought hundreds if not thousands of people to Huntington Place for this event. Chef Salvatore Borgia from Bar Verona/Verona Inspired Italian restaurant kept a line at his booth by preparing and providing samples that impressed everyone. Jeffrey Omtvedt, from the Detroit Taco Company, served several options that had people coming back for seconds.

The Hour magazine: Food & Wine event was an amazing event for vendors, shoppers, and critics. Friday was a VIP event that consisted of special invites to media reps, food critics, executives and more. Saturday and Sunday were open to the public for people to try great food, wines, beer, hear live music. This was a wonderful networking opportunity and encourage community engagement. Bar Verona has two locations: Commerce and Washington Township and Verona Inspired Italian is in Shelby Township. All restaurants are open 7-days a week with private room availability. Detroit Taco Company has multiple locations, Troy, Shelby, Warren, Detroit Hollywood Casino and the Detroit Taco Company Bodega.

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